4 Effective Ways To Prevent Gutter And Roof Damage From Snow And Ice

Lawrence Kim

Ice or snow buildup on the roof or gutters during winter is common. This can cause serious harm to your house. The following steps will help you prevent roof and gutter damage from snow and ice:

Securely screw your gutters into the fascia board

Fifteen or more years ago, a technique by the name "spike and ferrule" was employed to attach gutters using a large spike. Today, this technique is less effective. A heavy log of ice or snow resting in the gutter will cause the gutter to pry off your house. Once there is even a tiny space between the fascia and gutters, the rate of gutter deterioration rapidly speeds up. As a result, gutters become unable to handle excess snow and ice weight. This won't happen if you securely screw your gutters to the fascia board though.

Ensure the gutters are always clean

Every house must have an effective and functioning gutter protection system. If not, you definitely need to always clean your gutter of all debris and leaves. This should be done before the accumulation of ice and snow. Without gutter protection, wet debris and leaves clog the gutters. When wet leaves freeze, downspouts hardly stand a chance. The mixing of leaves and ice or snow for a long period will cause serious gutter damage. To avoid all these problems, ensure your gutters are clean at all times.

Firmly fasten the shingles to the roof

Over time, the tar or roofing nails sealing your shingles together will wear out. Consequently, shingles easily flap in the wind. This is a clear indication that you need to take immediate action. If water can gain access underneath the shingles, then it can easily get to your house. After sometime, the water under the shingles turns into ice. This ice contracts and expands as it undergoes melting and refreezing. The process creates more space between the roof and damaged shingle. This lets water into your house. Replace your roof if it is old and firmly fasten shingles to the new roof. This will prevent ice accumulation and shingle damage.

Install heating cables

If you live in an area that is hard-hit by winter storms, you may wish to consider installing heating cables. Why? This is because they simply melt the small channels formed by ice dams. The melting allows the excess ice or snow to run off instead of accumulating. This way, your roof edges and seams remain clear of ice. It goes miles in preventing water from accessing and damaging your home structures.

Winters can really damage your roof. Contact a local roofer like The Roof Dentist to receive a comprehensive roof inspection. The expert will offer effective preventive measures you need to undertake to prevent ice buildup on the gutter or roof.