4 Times to Call an Electrician to Your Home

Lawrence Kim

You don't need an electrician to make repairs to the wiring in your home just when your power goes out. There are many other times when you may have problems with the wiring at home and need repairs or upgrades, even though you're still getting power.

Understanding the signs of needed repairs or knowing why you need an electrician for certain jobs can ensure your home's electricity is always working properly and also reduce your risk of an electrical fire. Consider a few reasons to call an electrician to your home even if the power is working.

1. You hear sounds coming from your electricity.

Electricity itself doesn't actually make noise as it travels, so if you hear what you think are sounds coming from your electricity, chances are this is actually the wiring that is carrying the current through your home. If the wiring is frayed it may make a popping or crackling sound as the current reaches the frayed area and disperses.

A hissing sound may mean that the electricity is coming into contact with other building materials such as drywall or insulation. In any case, your home may be at increased risk of an electrical fire, so have these sounds checked out immediately.

2. You think you can smell electricity.

Electricity itself has no odor, so if you think you can smell electricity this is probably the smell of something being singed due to bare or frayed wires. An electrical fire usually has a very distinct odor and if you notice this type of smell when you flip a switch or plug something into a wall, you should call an electrician like Algester Electrical to check out.

3. You feel heat behind the walls or outlets.

An electrical current may generate a very small amount of heat in wires as it travels, but if you can feel that heat through the walls or behind an outlet, you may have frayed or burned wires. These may be coming into contact with the drywall and studs or the materials behind the outlets and causing them to get singed.

4. You install larger appliances or electronic devices.

Larger kitchen appliances or electronic devices in your entertainment room will need more power, which may not be supported by old wiring. In turn the wires can easily become overloaded and fray, or you may trip circuits.

Rather than going through this, have an electrician come in and test the wiring you have to see if it will support your new appliances and devices, and have those wires upgraded if needed.