Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pet Door

Lawrence Kim

There are a number of emotional and psychological benefits associated with owning a pet or two. It is no wonder therefore, that the most popular household pets (dogs) are often referred to as man's best friend. The strong relationship between pets and their owners make it necessary for you to take your time and identify the best type of door for your pet. Some of the factors you should consider when shopping for pet doors are discussed herein.

The Type of Pet and its Size

The size of the pet in question is important because it determines the appropriate size of the door. It goes without saying that the size of the pet and the size of the door should have direct proportionality.

The type of pet for which the door is being bought is a more important consideration. It is not uncommon for a large number of pet owners to assume that any of their pets will be able to use the door so long as it can fit.

You need to remember that different pets have different levels of physical strength. For example, a pet may not be strong enough to push the door open. Pets also differ in terms of their willingness to push against doors with heavier flaps and so on.

The Age and Health Condition of the Pet

Age and health are also very important factors to consider when shopping for pet doors. An old or sick animal cannot use the same door that young and healthy pets use.  For example, a pet door that requires the animal to step-up or push over an obstacle would not be appropriate for sick or old animals. Such a door would also not be appropriate for a physically challenged pet.

If your pet has sight-related complications, you should settle for door colors that stand out from the surrounding so that its easier for the pet to see the door.

The Available Entrance Options

One advantage of pet doors for cats and dogs is that they can be installed in a number of different places including entry doors, windows, and even garage doors. The mentioned places often serve as entry points for the pets in your house.

The most ideal pet door would be one that can be installed on your pet's favorite access point, be it the window or the garage door.

These are only three among several factors that must be given consideration when looking for pet doors.