5 upgrades to take into account during a re-roofing project

Lawrence Kim

Re-roofing is certainly an important home improvement, even though it's not a glamourous one. If you wish to install a new roof, consider the following 5 upgrades that will transform it into a more striking, functional and durable roof.

Install a sealed chimney cap

In contrast to metal and concrete chimney caps that are meant to prevent rain and birds from nesting in your chimney, sealed chimney caps serve to save on energy. Warm air inside your home usually escapes through the chimney during cold weather because it is not tightly sealed. The damper inside the firebox is unable to stop air from escaping since it's not airtight. Request that your roofer install a tightly sealed chimney cap during the re-roofing process. Most of these units are spring-triggered.

Set up eave flashing

For those who have suffered roof damage due to an ice dam, the idea of installing an eave flashing could not have come at a much better time. These peel and stick bituminous coverings are applied before shingling can take place. The coverings self-seal around roof fasteners, creating an impermeable seal on top of the eaves, which are often vulnerable to ice dams.

Roof ventilation improvements

Poor ventilation of attics during summer sees them behave like furnaces. The heat buildup penetrates the roof and the inside of the house, making your home uncomfortable. To ensure your attic and home are cooler, ask your roofer to install ridge vents above your new roof. Hardly visible from outside, ridge vents allow adequate air flow underneath the ridge cap shingles. A cooler attic translates into a cooler home during the hot summer months, reducing the need to run an air conditioner constantly.

Select energy-efficient roof shingles

Today's new energy-efficient shingles are available in a range of colours, from trendy slate to wood colours. An energy-efficient shingle features granules that reflect radiation from the sun in addition to re-emitting plenty of the absorbed heat. Consult with your roofing contractor with regards to choosing the most energy-efficient shingle available.

Install maintenance-free gutters

During the re-roofing process, it is also important to get rid of your damaged or misaligned gutters and replace them with new ones. Choose gutter systems that demand very little or no maintenance. Maintenance-free gutters are mainly designed to allow rainwater to stream down from the roof and into the gutters while warding off leaves. This stops clogs and hideous stains on gutters resulting from gutter overflow.

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