Services You Can Expect From An Abrasive Blast Room Company

Lawrence Kim

If you're about to open your own sandblasting business, one of the things you will need is to contract with a good abrasive blast room company to help you design and build rooms where you can perform your blasting. Here's what you can expect from these professionals, keep in mind the important services an abrasive blast room company can offer you.

Blast Room Rental -- One of the main services that these companies offer is blast room hiring for your sandblasting projects. Blast room companies have rooms in different sizes and configurations that can match the needs of your projects. The standard equipment you'll find in a blast room are blast pressure systems, abrasive recovery machines that allow you to vacuum up abrasives and media that is scattered on the floor after blasting, dust collectors that suction microscopic dust particles from the ground and from the air and pressure blowers that increase the torque and power of your sandblasting equipment.

Blast Booth Rental -- In some instances, you may not need an entire room for a project, so an abrasive blast room company will offer you a blast booth, which has many of the same features and components of a blast room, but in a smaller, self-contained space that is more cost-effective. Blast booths also have the advantage of being portable, so you can have them installed at any location, including an on-site location in a short period of time, so you can perform your blasting work in a safe environment and at a rapid pace. Blast booths are available with blast equipment, abrasive reclaimers, pressure blowers, dust collectors and specialized ventilation. They also include fluorescent lights and electrical outlets that can be pre-wired to your specifications. Popular options include air conditioning, CO2 monitors and safety equipment.

Customised Blast Rooms -- Abrasive blast room companies can also build a customised blast room that features everything you want and need for your project. This means you can order whatever equipment and specifications you need, including room size, ventilation and flooring, and the company will construct the blast room to your exact standards. This can be very cost-effective, because you are only building what you need and don't have to pay for any additional features that may come with a standard blast room. Customised blast rooms can be built on-site, at the blast room company's warehouse or as a portable unit that can be disassembled and put together again at various work sites.

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