Your Best Choices For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Lawrence Kim

Home's that are energy efficient are typically easier to sell when put on the market, as potential home buyers appreciate a home that will mean lower utility costs throughout the years. It's also good to think about energy efficient choices even if you're not selling your home, so you can enjoy those lower utility bills yourself. Consider your best choices for making your home more energy efficient if you're thinking of remodeling or upgrading your home.

1. Blown foam insulation

Blown foam insulation better fills all the cracks and crevices in your home's building materials, including cracks in building studs and drywall. It can be applied behind walls without removing them, including walls between rooms. To better insulate your home, choose blown foam over fibreglass insulation.

2. Radiant heating

Radiant heating refers to heating the home via coils under the floorboards which circulate warm water. This is more energy efficient than a furnace that blows hot air through the home, as the heat rises to more easily keep the room warm. When your feet are warm, you may also feel more comfortable so that you don't need to turn up the thermostat as often during winter, resulting in lower utility bills.

3. Glazed and vinyl windows

Glazing acts as an insulator for the glass of your windows so that they let in less cold air during wintertime and less hot air during summer. Vinyl windows also don't conduct heat or cold, so they won't let out your air conditioning or heating during each season. Replacing your windows is one of the best things you can do to make your home energy efficient.

4. Tankless water heaters

Traditional tanks for water heaters are very inefficient as they work to keep water warm throughout the day, whether you're using the water or not. A tankless hot water heater heats water as it's needed by running it over heated coils once you turn on the faucets. This requires much less electricity or gas, as you only heat water when you need it.

5. Metal roofs

Metal roofs were once only used on commercial properties but today they can be installed on residential homes as well. They are more energy efficient as there are fewer gaps between metal panels than there are between shingles on a traditional roof. The metal can also be folded and bent around the corners of your roof, creating a tight seal. Painting a metal roof a light color can reflect the sun's rays in tropical areas, whereas a dark color can keep heat in when you live in a colder area. A roofer, such as JCS Roof Plumbing Service, can help you decide if this option is right for your home.