4 Myths About Tree Care

Lawrence Kim

Some people do the wrong things when they are looking after their trees then they wonder why their trees die or look unhealthy. Arborists list several common myths about tree care. This article discusses and debunks some of those myths. If you thought they were true, learn the facts and take better care of your trees.

The Tallest Tree Is The Best To Buy

Many people erroneously think that the tallest tree at the nursery is the best tree to buy. The truth is that the trunk of the tree, its root system and well as its branch network are very important factors to consider when selecting a tree to buy at the nursery. For instance, a tree may be tall when its branches are very thin. Such a tree will not be strong enough to withstand windy conditions and it may break. As you buy trees, be more comprehensive in your evaluation so that you don't fall for the "tallest tree" myth.

Pruning Strengthens A Tree

Many people think that the huge number of branches that sprout once a tree has been heavily pruned make the tree stronger. The truth is that the tree becomes weaker because it uses a lot of energy and nutrients to grow those extra branches. The result is that if there are no nutrients to make up for that growth spurt, then the tree may die due to its inability to support those new branches that are leeching its energy reserves. Avoid this problem by hiring an arborist to prune your trees in the right way.

Putting Concrete In Cavities Heals Tree Wounds

It is a common myth that putting concrete in the cavities left once a tree has been pruned helps that tree to heal faster. This is very wrong. In fact, that concrete may stop the tree from healing itself since the trapped moisture may create room for mold to grow and kill the tree. The best thing to do is to let the tree heal itself.

Trees In Yards Don't Need Special Care

Some people believe that trees in their yard don't need any special care since trees in the forest thrive without anyone attending to them. This is wrong because forest trees do not face the same challenges that trees in residences face. For instance, trees in residences have to grapple with compacted soil that makes it hard for water and nutrients to get through. Concrete and plumbing also gets in the way of tree roots so they need care if they are to thrive in such a hostile environment.

Always avoid myths by seeking for the right information from experts. Do not let your trees suffer because of the myths that abound regarding how trees should be cared for. For more information, contact a business such as Acorn Stump Away Stump Grinding.