Step-by-step Guide To Replace Garage Door Rollers

Lawrence Kim

Sliding and roller doors are designed to glide smoothly along the tracks. However, in the course of time you may realise that your door tends to jerk, jump or get stuck in your attempt to open it. Sliding doors are mainly installed as garage doors. This means that they are first line of defence from outside intrusion. They need to be in top shape to provide maximum security. Rollers tend to wear out because of debris and dirt build-up in the tracks. Replacing the rollers will get your door back in working shape, and here is a step-by-step guide on how this is done.

Step 1

At the bottom of the sliding door you should find two screws, one resting over the other. The lower one is what is used to adjust the rollers. Turn this screw counter clockwise and this will lower the door and raise the rollers.

Step 2

Grasp the sliding door on both sides and lift the door till it gets to the top track. For better access of the tracks, incline the door towards you. This will give you a better grip to remove the door from the tracks. It is best to get help because sliding doors are heavy.

Step 3

With help from your assistant, place the door on a stable surface or firmly on the floor. Loosen the adjustment screws located on each end of the doors. These are screws that hold the frame and rollers in place.

Step 4

Using a flat-head screw driver, remove the door rollers at the bottom of the door. Take the rollers to a store and get matching replacement rollers.

Step 5

Fit in the replacement rollers into the cavity spaces at the bottom of the door. Put back the bottom frame. Use a wooden block to tap the frame back in place. You can also use a rubber mallet for reinforcement.

Step 6

To secure the frame and the rollers, screw them tightly using pliers. Turn the lower adjustment screw counter clockwise before putting the door back in place.

Step 7

Using a brush, scrap away any dirt or debris caught in the tracks. You can also use a vacuum to suck the dirt. Apply paraffin wax on the racks to lubricate them.

Step 8

Re-install the doors back in place. Adjust the roller screws until you are satisfied with the doors maneuverability.

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