Why It May Be Cheaper to Call a Locksmith than Break into Your Home or Car

Lawrence Kim

If you've locked yourself out of your home or car then you may be tempted to try to break back in, either by picking the lock of your car or forcing open a window of your home. You may reason that a locksmith will cost money so you should try to handle the lockout on your own. However, it can actually be cheaper and more cost-effective to call a locksmith than to try to break into your home or car by yourself. Consider why that is and why calling a locksmith is always the best choice.

1. Breaking in Can Mean Literally Breaking Something

Breaking into a locked car is never as easy as it looks in the movies; trying to jimmy open a lock behind or underneath the window of your car often means breaking the car window itself. This is very expensive to replace. When trying to break into your own home, you may also bend the window frame or a screen, or break the lock off a window. These too can be expensive to replace or repair.

When climbing through a window of your home you might also break something in your house itself. Climbing over a kitchen counter can mean breaking dishes and climbing through a window in the back of the home can mean topping an entertainment center or otherwise causing damage. The cost of replacing these items can be more than the cost of a locksmith.

2. Breaking in Can Cause Injury

If you were to break your car window when trying to break into the car, you could easily suffer cuts and gashes. The glass can also scatter along the inside of your car and if you were to miss cleaning it thoroughly, you may get one of those cuts even days or weeks after having broken back into your car.

Trying to climb through a window of your home can also mean the risk of injury. Slipping on just one child's toy under a window can mean a twisted ankle or sprain, and trying to climb over a kitchen counter also means the risk of falling and suffering an injury.

These injuries can be costly, even if they seem minor. They can also keep you laid up in bed for days and you might even need to miss work. Rather than facing the expense of such an injury, it's better to call a locksmith (such as Maitland Locksmiths) and have him or her get you back into your home or car quickly and easily.