Why You Should Install Colourbond Roofing

Lawrence Kim

Colourbond steel roofing is an iconic brand that has evolved into a renowned name in Australia. Despite the availability of various types of metal roofing alternatives, colourbond is still the most largely used across the country. So why is colourbond a popular roofing option for most Australian homes? Read on to find out.

Thermal Efficiency

Summer temperatures in Australia can be quite problematic to bear for many people. Further, roofs must bear the brunt of the sweltering heat throughout the day. So how does the installation of colourbond roofing guarantee thermal comfort inside the house despite hot temperatures outside?

 ​Solar Reflectivity

Light-coloured clothes can help keep you cool on a hot day. In a similar way, colourbond roofs use light-coloured solar-reflective surfaces to preserve lower roof temperatures. Colourbond roofs are available in a variety of lighter colours, such as white.

What's more, they boast of a high solar reflectance capacity. Basically, this means that the roof absorbs less heat energy from the onset. As a result, less energy is transformed to heat and re-emitted as long wave radiation. This means that less heat is able to shift from the roof to the indoor space through either conduction or radiation.

Homeowners typically notice a major difference inside their homes once professional colourbond roofing contractors install colourbond roofing. During the summer, your air conditioner will not have to take a large share of the cooling brunt, which means huge cost savings on your energy bills. 

Thermal Emittance

Thermal emittance is defined as the efficiency with which a roofing surface cools itself by means of releasing thermal radiation or heat. Colourbond roofs have a high thermal emittance, and this means that any energy that is sucked into the roofing is emitted from the roof surface promptly immediately after the sun goes down. This is made possible because colourbond steel roofing features a low thermal mass, thus the capacity to cool down as quickly as possible once the sun goes down, once again enhancing thermal comfort and reducing energy demand inside the home.

In addition to the likely energy saving advantages, it is also important to note that dilapidation of roof membranes is also greatly minimised. High heat temperatures and extreme variations at the roof level are harmful to the durability of roof surfaces. Minimising the extremes of heat change will directly minimise the incidence of ruin to roofing systems. This explains why colourbond roofing systems have long warranties.

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