Things To Know About Bollards

Lawrence Kim

If you are the head of security for an event, or you are in charge of a construction site, you will need to invest in some bollards to provide security and protection. If you're not familiar with bollards, or you don't know which ones best match your needs, then here's a quick primer on these devices, and how they can help you on the job.

Safety Bollards Provide a Deterrent -- Safety bollards are the most common types of bollards used for construction sites and for outside work buildings. They are designed to deter pedestrians and drivers from entering areas that could cause injury or worse. Safety bollards are often painted yellow or orange for high visibility, and they are made from steel, so they're durable, strong and resistant to impact. Safety bollards are made so you can bolt them directly into a surface such as asphalt or concrete, and they are nearly impossible to pull from the ground. If you want more flexibility in your safety bollard, you can buy spring-mounted bollards, which has some 'give' when it is hit by an object.

Security Bollards Are Ideal For Public Events -- When you are throwing a VIP event, and you want to ensure that security is tight, you can invest in security bollards, which are made from concrete or steel. Unlike safety bollards, which are designed primarily to keep people from accidentally stepping into an unsafe zone, security bollards are made to keep vehicles from entering into a designated area. They are made with an anti-ram capability, which provides additional impact resistance from a vehicle that rams into the bollard. Security bollards are also erected to keep people within a specific area, with the assurance that no vehicle can bypass the bollard and cause injury or death. They are especially valuable, if you are throwing an event, in which people will have to form a queue for a long time on the sidewalk, as the bollards offer protection against an out-of-control vehicle that jumps the curb and careens toward the guests in line.

Flexible Bollards Are Used On Highways and Roads -- If you are in charge of a construction project that is going to interrupt traffic flow, flexible bollards are the ones to get. These types of bollards are made so that they can bend 90 degrees if something hits them, then return to their normal shape. The advantage with flexible bollards is that you're taking into account the likelihood of cars clipping the bollards, but because of the flexibility, the bollards will still provide protection to your work crew, while not damaging a vehicle that strikes them.

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