Key Elements for Quality Asphalt Driveways

Lawrence Kim

Whether you plan to build an asphalt driveway for residential or commercial properties, there are key elements that can make or break the longevity and dependability of the driveway. A great asphalt installation job not only makes the investment worthwhile, but it also removes the hazards of potholes or other present road issues. A good asphalt driveway is also aesthetically pleasing, which will provide a modern look for your house. Keep reading in order to learn the four key elements when it comes to asphalt driveways.

Suitable Foundation

The first thing that screams quality is the foundation. In order to be able to handle constant load from the weight of the vehicles, the foundation must have a solid sub grade and a strong base. Most problems occur because the sub grade was not properly stabilised before the driveway was built onto it. If the ground consists of mostly clay, the contractor has to remove it and replace it with a solid stone base in order to reinforce the surface of the ground. By not doing that, the built driveway is prone to issues such as cracking, buckling and crumbling.


The number one threat to concrete and asphalt pavement is water. Because of that, you absolutely must make sure you install proper drainage. The driveway must be built so that water falls to the edges, where you will install the drainage pipes. If the pavement does not have any slope, water will collect on top of the driveway and won't be able to run off the sides. Over time, water will infiltrate into any open crevices of the asphalt, freeze and ultimately expand, causing cracks, potholes and crumbling.

Proper Supplies

Problems are bound to happen if you use the wrong mix of pavement when paving a driveway. Because asphalt is especially prone to oxidation and weathering, it is that more crucial to use the right type of asphalt mix. As a general rule, pavement mixes should contain fewer voids than mixes used for highways and more binder. That will result in a finer finish, leading to a darker and smoother look.


Once the driveway is completed, you have to remember that regular maintenance is needed in order to maintain the driveway's longevity. Maintenance tasks include daily sweeping in order to clean the debris, regular washing use a high pressure washer, as well as seal coating or crack repair. In order to get proper advice regarding driveway maintenance, make sure to consult with a professional pavement contractor.

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