8 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Lawrence Kim

An outdoor living space is a wonderful extension of your home, and great for entertaining in the summer months. So, what must you have to complete your outdoor cooking experience?

Prep Space: Choosing a weather resistant material that is attractive and compliments your outdoor appliances is essential. You don't want to have to run in and out of the house for every little thing, so enough space to bring your ingredients outside and enjoy your company properly while you are preparing the meal is the best expression of a full outdoor kitchen.

Sufficient Grill Space: Like to entertain large groups of people? Make sure that you'll be able to cook the vegetables and meat all at once for the largest outdoor party you'll be hosting this summer. That way, everyone gets their full meal hot and ready to eat at the same time. You don't want the corn to set aside getting cold while the steaks are finishing up on the grill, or vice versa.

Power: Your outdoor kitchen is designed to bring the full party outside, so what fun is it if you have to run to the kitchen every time someone needs a refresher on their blended drink? Make sure that you can bring your small appliances out to join the party.

Sink: You'll need to be able to access water and do some rinsing outdoors, not to mention access water for drink refills. Not to mention all of the hand washing you'll need to do to ensure proper food safety procedures.

Refrigerator: Stocking your mini fridge outside with plenty of drinks as well as any refrigerated ingredients that you'll need for cooking keeps the party out in your yard and prevents migrating to the kitchen.

Fireplace, firepit, or chiminea: As the evening wears on and the sun goes down, your guests may react to the chill in the air and want to migrate inside. Build a nice warm fire to crowd around. As a bonus, you can always break out some chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for a fun s'mores dessert that everyone will love.

Mosquito Repellant: Nobody likes attending a dinner party where they become the meal, so make sure to refill your tiki torches or have several strategically placed citronella candles handy.  You may even invest in some mosquito netting to surround the space if things are particularly buggy out there.

Comfortable Seating: Plenty of seating is of course a must, but if you want people to settle in for the long haul you're going to want to get some thick, comfortable cushions for them to park it on.

With these 8 essentials under your belt, you are fully prepared to host the most amazing outdoor parties of the summer.  Your problem will be keeping people away from your get-togethers now. Contact a company such as http://www.creativebathroomsandkitchens.com.au with any questions you have.