3 Walkthroughs To Do As Your Home Is Built

Lawrence Kim

Many people are not sure about how many times they should visit the construction site of their new home before the builders hand over the completed home. While it is advisable to visit the construction site as many times as you can, there are certain visits that carry more weight than others do.

This article discusses three important walkthrough visits that you should make before you occupy the new home:

The Pre-Drywall Walkthrough

This walkthrough should be performed once the walls and roof have been put up but before the final additions like drywall are installed. You should view this walkthrough as an opportunity for you to confirm that all the materials and selections have been installed as per the agreement you signed with the builder.

For instance, you will need to confirm that all electrical and plumbing installations have been placed exactly where you wanted. Audio/video wiring should have been located exactly where you want it, such as in the corner facing the dining area, for example. Carry the selection sheets, pool area diagrams and any other documents giving details of the home you wished to have.

Notify the builder of any adjustments that need to be made before it is too late. For instance, you may wish to have HVAC systems installed in the garage yet you hadn't requested for that originally.

The Orientation Walkthrough

This should take place when the home is finished but before it is handed over to you. You should pay attention to cosmetic defects like scratches on cabinets, paint that needs touching up and any chips on window glass. Note down these observations so that the builder remedies them before you sign-off the handover papers. The builder may also hand you manuals from the manufacturers of the HVAC system, water heater as well as other appliances.

The Presentation Walkthrough

This walkthrough may happen a few days after the orientation walkthrough. Use the presentation walkthrough to confirm that all the cosmetic defects you had noted earlier were corrected and arrangements have been made to do the ones that could not be completed due to constraints like bad weather (landscape finishing may wait for summer, for example). Once everything is as it should be then the builder will sign over the home to you and you will be free to occupy it.

It is very important that you pay full attention during these crucial walkthroughs so that you can contribute towards the realization of your dream home. Clear your schedule so that you are not in a rush to leave until the walkthrough is complete.

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