Special Functions to Consider in Split System Air Conditioners

Lawrence Kim

Modern air conditioners are diverse in terms of brands, mode of action and even efficiency. Therefore, the process of identifying and buying the right model for your home can be overwhelming. You should explore and compare different appliances before settling, to ensure that the most suitable is installed. One of the well-liked models in the residential environment is the split system air conditioner. The design consists of an indoor unit, the outdoor unit and tubing with refrigerant to facilitate cooling and heat exchange.

The model is favoured because it can cool multiple rooms or single spaces. Moreover, the indoor unit is relatively attractive and it will operate quietly. If you want to purchase this system, you should choose advanced models, instead of basic air conditioning devices. Most modern appliances have extra functions besides cooling and ventilation. Here are the main special functions that you should look for before settling on the ideal product.


The split system air conditioner can incorporate heat pump technology, which allows heating. This type of appliance is economical for homeowners without sufficient funds to purchase separate heating and cooling appliances. The heating function is made possible through a reverse cycle in the air conditioning operations. As mentioned, the split system has outdoor and indoor units connected by tubes filled with refrigerant, which acts as the coolant and heat exchanger. When in the reverse cycle, the outdoor AC unit will draw heat from the atmosphere and release it into the interior space. This is an economical way to keep your house warm during cold seasons and cool in the summer.

Air Purification

There are air purifiers in the market that are perfect for improving your home's indoor air quality. The appliances can be purchased as independent units or they can be linked to air handlers in HVAC systems. If you do not have the funds or the inclination to buy the purifier, consider choosing a split system air conditioner with this function. The system will use a filtration system to eliminate common pollutants such as dust, pollen, fur and even cigarette smoke. The internal environment will be more comfortable and safer, particularly for people with respiratory conditions like asthma.

Humidity Control

High humidity levels will encourage mould and mildew growth when the vapour settles on surfaces as real moisture. Moreover, humid air will cause respiratory discomfort and even damage sensitive electronic appliances. You should install a split system with dehumidification functions to reduce these detriments. This feature is particularly valuable if you live in the humid coastal environment.

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