Making Your Home Safer For Young Kids Using These 4 Locksmith Services

Lawrence Kim

If you have younger kids at home, you know that they can get into a lot of mischief as far as locks, doors, and keys are concerned. Thanks to their playfulness, they can not only get you into trouble, they can get themselves into some very precarious situations as well. In this article, discover a few ways you can contain this menace by utilizing the services of a locksmith.

Get a key locator and never lose your keys again

One of the most common lock-related incidences that every parent has endured is lost keys. Young children are notorious for playing with keys and later hiding them or leaving them in different nooks and crannies. Of course, children will never remember where they left the keys so you are left tearing your house upside down trying to locate them. To avoid all this hassle, talk to your locksmith about getting a key locator. Keys locator make finding keys easy by glowing in the dark, echoing to sounds or responding to a remote controller.

Raise your lock positions to keep them out of children's reach

Once your children can walk, twiddling with locks becomes a common hobby. Unfortunately, this mischievous pastime can lead to damaged locks, doors left ajar or invasion or private spaces. In some cases, they just might harm their fingers between the door and the framing. You can put an end to this by having your locksmith raise the position of your locks. This will keep door locks and knobs out of their reach. Alternatively, you can have secondary locks installed higher up.

Get a back-up key for lockout emergencies

Child-based lockouts are common in households too. This is where the child loses the keys while outside the house, thereby leaving you, or them, stranded outside your own home. To avoid the frustration, and potentially forced entries, get a locksmith to create a duplicate set of keys for you. Keep these keys outside the house as your back-up plan for future lockouts. It's a much cheaper and simpler option compared to the alternative of having to look for an emergency locksmith in the middle of the night.

Have your self-locking doors disabled to avoid child lock-ins

Lastly, to ensure you don't have to deal with emergency lock-ins, you can have a locksmith disable your self-locking door without taking them apart or damaging them. This is a reversible procedure that simply keeps your door locks from self-locking. This way, if your kids close or bang doors, the door won't shut and they therefore won't be locked inside.

Thanks to the above locksmith services, you can go about your chores at home without constantly worrying about child lock-ins, emergency lockouts or your children getting into door-related injuries.