Top tips for decorating a portaloo for your wedding

Lawrence Kim

Weddings are an opportunity to dress up, feel glamourous and celebrate, so it can really stifle the sophisticated vibe if your guests are forced to use a portaloo during your reception. With a little creativity and preparation, however, you can provide your wedding guests with a comfortable toileting place. These top tips for decorating a portaloo for your wedding are here to help.


A great way to instantly improve the portaloo experience is to make your wedding portaloo a fragrant place for your guests to visit. An essential oil reed diffuser with a subtle natural scent such as jasmine or lavender will keep the portaloo refreshed and fragrant throughout your reception. A good-quality scented candle will do the same thing, while offering a little romantic lighting. A bunch of aromatic flowers will not only provide a delicate scent- they will also help to soften the appearance and vibe of the portaloo.


Avoid conventional one-ply toilet paper and crude toiletries in your wedding portaloo, and splash out on a few luxurious items. Soft, quilted toilet paper will be a blessing for your guests, so make sure you stash plenty of rolls in your portaloo to replenish the supply throughout the night. Aloe-vera tissues in an attractive box will also be a godsend for those with a sniffle, or for female guests touching up their make-up. Forgo cheap bar soaps, opting instead for a foaming or creamy scented pump soap. Also consider providing guests with a pump bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser, helping your guests feel hygienic and refreshed after using your wedding portaloo.


Soften the appearance of your wedding portaloo with some chic lighting in and around the designated toilet  area. Strings of white lights hung in the surrounding trees or around the portaloo roof will help guests see in the darkness while making the area a little more stylish and romantic. Candles or lanterns can also be effectively used, however it is important to assess the fire danger that open flames may pose.


Complete your wedding portaloo provisions by replacing coarse disposable paper hand towels with a stockpile of soft fabric handtowels. Consider purchasing a pile of good quality Egyptian cotton handtowels for the event--not only will your guests thank you, you can use them in your own bathrooms at home afterwards. For a personalised touch, why not have them monogrammed with your and your partner's initials?

Lastly, don't be afraid to have a little fun with the idea--your guests will appreciate your sense of humour on top of your efforts to accommodate their needs with a few little luxuries.

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