New Queensland Residents: Emergency Plumbing ABC Plan When Summer Storms Strike

Lawrence Kim

One thing you can always guarantee you'll see at least once a year in Queensland is a violent summer storm. As a new Queensland resident, you will quickly learn that these can come out of nowhere and drop a lot of rain in a very short amount of time. Once the ground becomes saturated, there is nowhere for the excess water to go that is not going to cause a problem. Before this year's summer storms begin arriving with regularity, you need to have your ABC emergency plumbing plan ready to put into action when the flood waters start to rise.

Act Fast

The time to move your most treasured belongings to higher ground is not when the water is pouring under the doorway. Photo albums, important papers, and electronics should all be lifted before the water gets into the house.

Get your kids involved in gathering up every important item that would not survive a surprise swim, and help your children to place them in kitchen cupboards, onto shelves, or in the top of wardrobes. Anywhere that is above your waist level is a good starting place to protect your things. Have a talk to all your family members before the storms arrive, and make sure everyone knows which part of the house they will be attending to.

Burst Pipes

The amount of water gushing through the drains during a summer storm can easily burst pipes that have previously been weakened due to old age or tree roots. Depending on where the pipe has burst, it is possible sewerage could now be contaminating the water flooding into your home.

If you suspect this to be the case, it is very important that all family members maintain a high level of hygiene if they put their hands into the water. Pollutants found in this water can easily make a person sick if it makes it into the nose or mouth. Contaminated water means you should evacuate the property if at all possible. If not, pull out the bacterial soap and watch for kids chewing on their fingers.

Call For Help

While an emergency plumber can't head to your home until it is safe for them to drive, by calling for help, you can at least get your details onto their call-out list. Waiting until the storm has passed will put you at the bottom of the list of homes to be visited.

Living in Queensland for the first time is exciting, but with every good part of this state comes a little bit of bad. Know what to do before the summer storms roll through, and you won't lose any of your precious belongings to the rain.