Want a New Home on Your Existing Land? Consider a Knockdown Rebuild

Lawrence Kim

Do you have an old home you don't like but you love the piece of land it's on? Do you love living in the area and don't want to move? Consider a knockdown rebuild. You can have the home of your dreams on the piece of land you love.

Renovating vs. Knockdown Rebuild

While renovating is a popular option among homeowners, it can be quite costly when compared to a new rebuild. This is especially true if you own an older home and need to be concerned about the removal of asbestos, lead and other potentially harmful substances. No matter how much you budget for a renovation, it can often cost much more than expected once you start. You'll invariably find other things that need renovating or fixing, like plumbing fixtures, electrical systems, etc.

With a knockdown rebuild, you can start from scratch and you will know exactly how much it will cost right from the beginning. There will be no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises along the way.

Home Adviser

When you choose a knockdown rebuild, you will have access to your very own personal home adviser. A new homes builder adviser will assess your home and your property. They will advise you of the process of the new build and inform you of what types of permits you'll need to acquire. There may also be restrictions as to the size and height of your new home, road allowances, etc., that you will have to consider. Your home adviser will be with you every step of the way so that nothing gets missed.

Choose Every Detail

The fun part of working with a new homes builder is that you get to choose every last detail! Most builders have a showroom of styles and designs of cupboards, colours, plumbing fixtures, countertops and more. You create the look and style that you want. Your adviser can help you choose complementing colours and styles to create a unified look throughout your home.

Home Designs

A new homes builder has a plethora of home designs, and many have model homes you can look through. This is a major decision, so don't rush through this stage. Carefully consider your lifestyle, your family and your present as well as future needs. If you plan on starting a family someday, for example, you'll want to make sure you have the space required.

A new home builder can help transform your current property from drab to fabulous! Not only will it increase the value of your property, but will give you a comfortable, customized home to live in for years to come.