Side Return Extension: Transforming It into a Unique Space

Lawrence Kim

Side return extensions are standard in traditional or contemporary terraced houses where a strip of land is left on the side of the original buildings to create a form of an L-shaped garden. If you live in such a house, you may have realized how unnecessarily dingy and dark this passageway is. Nonetheless, you can transform this unused space into a spacious and vibrant room with natural lighting by extending sideways. When doing this, here are ideas that you can find useful:


You should make sure that the design of the side return room works out because they may not really extend to the full depth of your house. For instance, if it's your kitchen, the space may not be huge, but it should look beautifully arranged. To achieve this, you can have your kitchen situated along the central wall. Moreover, you can line the areas for dining, cooking and food preparation, as well as a thoroughfare with the storage to make the room neatly zoned.


To create a seamless extension to merge with the rest of your house, you should consider the installation of matching flooring. To achieve this, you can coordinate your new floor with the existing tiles or wood. Alternatively, you can replace your downstairs flooring with a similar finish. Such detailed attention will create a huge difference in the feel and look of the new layout.

Build Up

You can have two-storey extensions to exploit your side return and add a series of wood-clad or glazed rooms to the rear of your house. This would look like a typical terrace from the street, especially if the extension you use blends with the terrace of your house. Nonetheless, from your garden, the architecture is unique, contemporary, and exciting.

Brick Mix Up

If your bricks have a brighter tone, such as light brown, using bricks in darker tones can mark it out as an elegant and contemporary addition to your property. Elegant doors and extensive glazing onto your garden can add a neat touch to pull in enough light without making it look distractingly flashy.

Raw Surfaces

You choose raw surfaces by extending your ground floor to the side, and if it's in your kitchen, this could ensure that your kitchen diner flows into your garden. The patio, as well as the indoor areas, can be unified by a brick garden wall and concrete floor to add a little external feature to your internal space.  

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