Troubleshooting Your Ducted Vacuum System

Lawrence Kim

If you have a ducted vacuum system in your home, you know how effective it can be in cleaning compared to other standard systems. Ducted vacuum systems are also convenient and lightweight. Maintenance is key to ensuring that your ducted system continues functioning effectively. For this reason, you need to watch out for any signs of problems in the functioning of your system so that you identify solutions as early as possible. Therefore, here are troubleshooting tips for problems that can affect your system.

Blocked Inlets 

Inlets can be blocked by large paper clips, sticks, and hair clips among others. Low suction is a clear sign of blockages. If one or all your inlets are low on suction, there are high chances that they are blocked. If you have a portable vacuum cleaner, you can use it to fix the blockages by sucking the inlets backwards. That is, ducted vacuum hoses come with a cuff at the end. You need to unscrew this cuff and insert it in the blocked hole. You will then need to fix the portable vacuum to this cuff and make sure it seals well. As the blockage is being pulled and sucked into the portable vacuum, you will hear a thud. If the blocked inlet seems clear enough, try sucking a piece of paper and check the bag to see whether it made it through.

This procedure will be ideal for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners with a portable vacuum as well. Otherwise, you should call the service centre though it will cost you.

No Suction

Some types of ducted vacuum units come with a final filter beneath some baffle plate that's located under the collecting bag. If the bag overflows or bursts, the unique filter can easily be blocked with the dirt or fluff, resulting in suction problems. You can simply remove the baffle plate and remove any dirt from the filter.

Vacuum System Won't Start

Several factors can result in failure of your ducted vacuum unit to start. First, check if your in-house or unit circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse blown. Replace blown fuses and switch your circuit breaker back on. If this wasn't the problem, probably one of your inlets is defective and you should have it checked. Last, if you have an on and off hose, it could be defective as well and you should have it replaced or its switch checked.