Myths That Are Untrue About Metal Roofing

Lawrence Kim

When it comes to roofing, some homeowners tend to steer clear from metal roofing assuming that it cannot add to the overall aesthetics of their home. Although traditional metal roofing was typically grey and drab, advancements in the industry have made modern metal roofing a great way to enhance the curb appeal of residences. If you are looking to invest in new roofing, you may now want to consider getting in touch with metal roofing contractors. Here are some of the myths that are untrue about metal roofing.

Myth 1: Metal roofs are unsightly

A common misconception people have about metal roofs is that they are unsightly because they conjure up images of bland, corrugated roofing. In this day and age, there is a myriad of roofing colours and finishes that you could opt for to make your home attractive. You can even consult with your metal roofing contractors about which different metal roofing styles would be most ideal for your home. Overall, you are guaranteed to get metal roofing options that would match your aesthetic preferences while still providing you with optimal functionality.

Myth 2: Metal roofs make excessive noise

Noise from metal roofing is typically associated with wet weather when rain is pelting down on the roof. However, modern metal roofing can be even more inaudible than conventional roofs comprising asphalt shingles. Modern metal roofing is fastened onto a solid sheath. This sheath is laid atop your current roof and functions to enhance the insulation of your roof. As such, you should not be able to hear any noise from your metal roofing.

Myth 3: Metal roofs make your residence colder during the winter

When it comes to the heat insulation of your home, the burden does not lie with your metal roofing. Instead, this will be affected depending on the type of insulation installed beneath the roof and beneath the floor of your attic. If you have the right insulation, then your metal roof will not make your home colder during the winter months.

Myth 4: Metal roofs make your residence hotter during the summer

To the contrary, metal roofs can actually work toward making your home cooler during the sweltering summer rather than increasing the heat in your residence. They are able to achieve this by reflecting the radiant heat that they are exposed to. This can be enhanced if you opt for metal roofing that is in a light colour such as white. As such, your metal roofing can function to reduce your air conditioning costs in the long run.