Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Custom Trusses

Lawrence Kim

You may need to order custom trusses for a shed that you want to build on your property. Keep the following tips in mind so that the trusses that you order are appropriate for your needs.

Take the Right Measurements

The manufacturer of the trusses will make the trusses according to the specifications that you provide. It is therefore very important that you provide the right measurements so that the trusses are a good fit for your project. You should also provide the details of how you have taken the measurements of the structure where the trusses will be placed. Some of the important measurements include the width of the structure and the length of the roof overhang. The width should be taken from the outside edge of one load-bearing outer wall to the outer edge of the wall at the opposite side of the structure. You should also provide the desired pitch of the roof so that the manufacturer can send trusses that are long enough for your shed.

Stipulate Whether the Ceiling Will Be Finished

The weight and the size of the materials to be used during the manufacture of the custom roof trusses may depend on the loads that the trusses will bear. It is therefore important for you to stipulate on the order form whether the ceiling of the structure you are building will be finished. The type of finishing will reveal how much added weight the trusses will have to withstand. This will enable the truss designer to determine the correct size or weight of the truss materials to be used.

Know When to Place Your Order

It is advisable to contact different roof truss manufacturers so that you know how long it will take them to process and ship your order. This will enable you to place your order so that the materials are delivered in time to install the trusses on the roof. That correct timing will save you from the risks of halting construction work, such as the risk of rain damaging the walls of your building as you wait for the roof trusses to be delivered. Proper timing will also save you from the challenges of storing roof trusses on the jobsite as you await the proper time to install them. You can also consider choosing a manufacturer that is close to you so that you reduce the monetary and time cost of shipping the trusses to your site.

Keep the tips above in mind so that your construction project is completed without suffering any setback. Ask a roofing contractor for help in case you are unable to determine the correct specifications of the roof trusses needed to DIY your project.