Makeover Ideas To Invigorate Your Home Interior Lighting in a Big Way

Lawrence Kim

Not enough lighting inside your home? If you are looking forward to creating a brighter appearance, consider these renovation ideas for your floors, ceiling and interior walls.


Whether you want hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile or any other type of floor-type, the colour of your floor can impact the look of your indoor environment greatly. Therefore, style is not the only thing to consider when you are picking new flooring. Brown-coloured floors, for instance, can seamlessly complement the rustic look of wooden furniture but they might not do much to help maximize the light. Light-coloured floors, on the other hand, can reflect light originating from ceiling light fixtures or exterior windows to make an otherwise dark room appear brighter and more livable.

For sure, dark floors are great for creating contrast in your home, but if you want a room to appear optically larger, you had better decide on light floors.


Increasing the vertical distance between your floors and your ceiling is a superb way to open up your premises to more lighting. Higher ceilings illuminate more lighting and enhance the visual illusion that a room is larger than it actually is by providing your subconscious with more space to think without feeling confined to a smaller room. But, make sure your roof-type is a good candidate for ceiling elevation because the benefits of the project might outweigh the costs incurred. In general, gabled or high-pitched roofs are suitable for ceiling-raising because of having the most attic space. When raising your ceiling, build the walls higher from the bottom up to avoid ending up with a weak structure.

Interior walls

When it comes to your interior walls, you can opt for light-coloured paint. As natural light hits the walls, it bounces off their surface making indoor spaces look brighter and livelier. The same effect can be achieved by using glass block walls for interior partitioning, especially in large rooms. Unlike interior walls built with concrete, plasterboard or solid wood, glass blocks will add more light to your space by letting rays of light travel through them.

Thanks to the versatility of their design, glass blocks come in several colours, profiles and finishings to spread light and also add privacy to every part of your home, no matter the spatial layout you desire.

Now that you are aware of what can be done to make your house appear brighter, consider consulting a building contractor to get more information about the above-discussed ideas.