Market Your Brand Through Creative Exterior Painting

Lawrence Kim

Brand identity is an important aspect of every business that targets growth and fame. If you want your brand to be the first in consumers' minds every time they think of a product, you have to devise effective marketing and brand awareness strategies. Most people go for billboards, media, and online platforms to advertise their brand. Did you know that you can turn your business' exterior painting project into a marketing strategy for your brand and logo?

Transforming your company exterior into a marketing tool through color and brand logo can make your business stand out of the crowd of competitors. Here are some tips that you can utilize to turn the paint job into an extension of your company's brand.

Choose colors that describe your brand

Which colors have you used to describe your logo or products? Incorporating these colors in your exterior painting job can be an ideal marketing tool for your brand. For example, if your company's logo uses the colors red and white, you can have the paint job done with these two colors. This does not apply to exterior paint jobs alone. When consumers enter your company premises and find the same consistency in color on interior walls, they can easily identify with the brand.

Choose a unique style

Many companies adhere to the standard corporate look that blends with every other business in the area. Don't allow your business to look like everyone else's business. You can incorporate creativity and style into your paint job to deliver a unique building that identifies with your brand while distinguishing itself from other businesses and competitors. Consumers consider companies that make the effort to look unique as credible and legitimate.

Add a slogan

Another creative way of using your exterior paint project to market your brand is by spreading a clear message of the company's product or service through a slogan. The slogan you choose should have a clear selling point and a unique approach that's different from those of your competitors. It can be in the form of a call to action that beckons consumers to use your products or services. If you don't have a slogan for your business, you can follow the following guidelines to come up with one.

•    It should be memorable to the potential consumers.

•    It should be simple. Focus on one particular aspect that can be used to summarize your brand.

•    It should be meaningful. Your slogan should convince consumers why they should choose your brand over your competitors'.

Utilizing these tips when carrying out a commercial painting project requires the expertise of an experienced painter. Choose one who can use paint color schemes to create a unique look that matches and blends in with your brand.