Some Important Things You Should Consider When Selecting Building Materials for Your Construction

Lawrence Kim

Every specific detail to be incorporated into the construction of a building will need to be thought through at the design stage. One of the most important considerations when it comes to building design is the choice of materials that will be used for the particular construction. The selection of construction materials is typically not just a matter of affordability and individual preferences, as there are many other factors that influence the final choice. Here are some crucial factors that may influence your choice of building material.

Climatic conditions

You do not have any control over the climate of your region, but it has a big say in the type of construction materials you will need to use. Climatic patterns can impact the energy performance as well as longevity of your structure. If you are building in an area that receives a lot of rain throughout the year, you might want to avoid building with structural timber, which may be easily be damaged by rot or insect attack. Concrete would be a more suitable choice because it is not affected by the elements. Because it does not dissipate heat, however, wood would be ideal for building in areas with hot, dry climates where thermal insulation is desired.

Do not replicate the prototypical design for a building in a particular region and expect that it will work well for a building located in a different region without giving any attention to the climatic issues involved.

Maintenance requirement

Building materials that require minimal maintenance attention over their life are the best. But you may need to pay a higher upfront cost for them because they generally cost less to maintain over the long term. Compare steel and wood, for example. Prefabricated steel products generally costs more to buy than comparable wood products. However, it costs more to maintain the wood over its life cycle because repainting or refinishing will need to be done on a more regular basis. It's all about paying more upfront so you can minimise the need for regular maintenance or paying less now and bearing the brunt of high maintenance costs in the future. 


It makes good sense building with materials that are readily available locally. Local sourcing of construction materials provides a number of important benefits. To start with, delivery times are short, thus preventing project delays. Second, delivery costs are low because supplies are transported over short distances. Third, readily available materials may be generally cheap to buy because they are manufactured from locally sourced resources. This may lead to an overall reduction in project costs. So, research extensively to know what building materials can be easily supplied within your area. The list could be long and interesting.

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