Selecting Timber for Your Garage Door

Lawrence Kim

While the majority of garage doors are made of steel, that is not the only material on offer. You also have the option of installing a timber garage door, which can help to give your property a traditional look. However, due to the enormous variety of woods and designs which are available, choosing the type of timber to use when constructing or installing your garage door can be difficult. Below is a guide which will help you to make the right decision about the type of timber for your new garage door.

The type of wood

The first decision you will need to make is between softwood or hardwood. As its name suggest, hardwood is typically stronger than softwood, which provides better protection against damage and thieves. However, this added protection comes at a cost, as hardwoods are much heavier than softwoods. This additional weight may make the installation of automatic opening devices a problem.

The properties of the wood

Ideally, the wood you choose should be durable and sturdy. However, it will also need to be light enough to allow for easy installation and operation. You should also seek a type of wood which has excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and pest which may attack the timber. It is also important that the wood can absorb any weatherproofing treatment and paint which you wish to apply.

Ideal types of timber

While the choice of timber is up to you, below is a list of woods which are perfect for the construction of garage doors:

  • Idigbo: Idigbo is an African hardwood which is extremely durable and lightweight which makes it ideal for use as a garage door. However, it should not be installed using metal fittings as these may stain the wood if they begin to rust. You should instead opt for heavy duty plastic fittings.
  • Meranti: Meranti wood is highly resistant to fungal decay. If you live in an area of Australia which experiences high levels of humidity, this may be the wood for you.
  • Poplar: Poplar is a soft wood which is commonly used for construction jobs around the home. It is relatively robust and light but will require treatment to prevent pest infestation and rot.

If you would like further information or advice about the best type of timber to use for your garage, you should contact a timber supply contractor like Hayter's Timber & Paving. They will be able to discuss your needs further and recommend the best type of timber for you.