Tips Homeowners Can Adopt to Keep Glass Bi-fold Doors Streak and Scratch Free

Lawrence Kim

Choosing to install bi-fold doors is a good idea because the doors are elegant and secure, and they help to create an illusion that your room is even bigger among other benefits. However, you must make sure that you take proper care of the glass since it will be among the most conspicuous aspects of your new house. Therefore, it is critical to keep your bi-fold doors' glass free of streaks or scratches. This article addresses this gap and gives homeowners a few tips on how to achieve clean bi-fold glass doors.

Time of Day -- The time of day that you choose to clean the glass on your bi-fold doors determines whether they will have massive streaks or not. Therefore, you should choose carefully what time of the day you want to varnish, polish or simply wipe the glass. For instance, you want to restrict such a project to a time when the glass is not in direct path of the sun. This is because cleaning in direct sunlight makes the glass dry quickly and unevenly, thereby creating streaks. However, when you do the cleaning away from direct sunlight, the glass dries more slowly and evenly, leaving a clear, sparkling bi-fold glass door.

Get Help -- Cleaning a glass bi-fold door can be a difficult task due to the sheer size of a glass. When you do the cleaning by yourself, you run the risk of having some glass frames drying ahead of others. While this may not be noticeable a few minutes after cleaning, you do not want to welcome a visitor immediately after you have done the cleaning. The difference in dryness will be noticeable, thereby creating an illusion that some glass frames have streaks. To avoid this, get someone to help you.

Clean Interior Part First -- Unlike interior glass doors, exterior glass bi-fold doors have one side on the outside and the other side on the inside. This exposes the two sides to different environmental stressors. While both the sides of the glass of an interior glass door might remain relatively clean, the same cannot be said of the glass on your bi-fold doors. The externally facing side will always be dirtier. Therefore, you should avoid contaminating the cleaning solution and tools by cleaning the interior side first. Doing so ensures that the solution and tools are still free of big dirt particles when you start cleaning the outside.