All You Need To Know About Retail Shop Fittings

Lawrence Kim

Retail shop fitting is a challenging task. It is especially so since most business owners would want the fit-out to make their shop stand out. Below is an excerpt discussing the various elements of a retail shop fit-out and the considerations to make when planning a shop fit-out. 

Elements Of A Shop Fit-Out

Below are some essential elements of a retail shop fitting

1. Consider A Functional Layout

The layout is the most essential component of a shop fit-out. Typically, customers should be comfortable when walking in your shop. As such, the aisles must be wide enough. Additionally, they should find it easy to locate items. Therefore, you should allocate each section for a particular group of products.

2. Install Signage And Lighting 

Proper signage will make it easy for customers to associate their purchases with your brand. Therefore, install appealing signage at your storefront and a strategic point of your store (such as the counter or the most visible wall). Use lighting to set the theme and atmosphere of your shop. If possible, the lighting should resonate with your brand colours. Additionally, use lights to highlight the various products you have on sale. 

3. Consider Amenities

Your store must be comfortable. It is a sure way to keep customers staying in the store for longer periods. For example, you could install an AC system and have a waiting lounge with cable TV, Wi-Fi and a coffee maker. The counter or customer service area must be spacious enough to prevent congestion as customers pay or consult. 

4. Displays

Proper displays are the heart of every retail fit-out. Ideally, you should incorporate creative displays to influence customers into buying a specific product regardless of its pricing. These displays should be placed at strategic locations inside the stores. Displays are also a great way to slow down customers inside the store and get them to look at other products. 

So, what considerations should you make when fitting your retail shop? Below are some useful pointers: 

  • Consider the services of an experienced retail fit-out contractor. It ensures high-quality work that will boost your store sales.
  • Check strata by-laws or your lease agreement to determine whether there are restrictions on retail fit-out projects. For example, you could be compelled to work at night or use silent machines.
  • Budget for your project. Assess the contractor's quote, negotiate it and ensure you have sufficient funds before the project begins.
  • Determine an appropriate time to conduct the project. Ideally, the fit-out should not interrupt your business activities. 

When planning a retail fit-out, go for a functional layout, consider signage, amenities and displays. Besides, consider the recommended tips when executing the project.