Does your air conditioning system need attention?

Lawrence Kim

Controlling the temperature of your home is essential if you want to remain comfortable. There is little worse than enduring a hot and sticky evening at home where you don't feel like doing anything because even moving around the room feels unpleasant. If you have efficient air conditioning, you can be sure that the room will be pleasantly cool, regardless of how warm it may be outside. There are many types of air conditioning systems that you might have in your home. You could have a split system air conditioning unit, or perhaps, you have ducted air conditioning. Whatever type of system you have, conducting regular air conditioning maintenance is the best way to ensure that your home remains at the ideal temperature.

What air conditioning maintenance is needed?

If you identify a serious fault with your air conditioning system, you should call a professional repair company to examine it. The repair company will be able to tell you what is wrong and fit any replacement parts that are needed. However, not all air conditioning maintenance is complex or difficult. There are often things that you can do yourself to ensure that the air conditioning stays working and that the efficiency of the system is maintained. Simple air conditioning maintenance jobs include:

Changing air filters 

Cleaning or replacing dirty air filters can go a long way to keeping your air conditioning efficient and ensuring that you aren't simply spreading dust around your property.

Clean the condenser coils 

It doesn't take too long for condenser coils to start gathering dirt. If the coils become dirty, they cannot absorb heat as well as they should, and the system must run for longer for the room to reach the temperature level you desire.

Clear the debris 

Good airflow is essential to the safe, efficient airflow of air conditioning. Removing the build-up of dirt, leaves and other debris during routine air conditioning maintenance can prolong the time between service visits.

Check the aluminium fins 

Condenser coils and aluminium fins can sometimes be knocked out of alignment. If the fins become bent, they will impede the airflow through the coil. By straightening the fins, you will restore the airflow and improve the efficiency of the system.

While all of these elements of air conditioning maintenance can prolong the life of your air conditioning system and keep your bills low, there will always be a time to call in a contractor. When you need the help of a qualified repair engineer, always choose someone with experience maintaining systems like yours, who can visit at a time that suits your schedule.