Three Refrigeration Repairs Should Not Ignore

Lawrence Kim

Many businesses use fridges for a whole range of different applications. Whether that be to store or serve food or to keep something more important cool, like medicine, commercial refrigeration is a big industry and one with a lot of different, specialised hardware. It is important that you keep your fridges and cooling equipment in tip-top shape, or problems can easily develop from minor issues. Here are three refrigeration repairs you could easily overlook for too long, which could cause them to spiral out of control and become something far more major than they ever needed to be.

Broken Door

Sometimes a refrigeration repair has nothing to do with the cooling mechanism itself, but rather with external entrances to the fridge. If a door is broken or the seal is loose at any entrance, then you will lose a significant amount of energy, which will not only make your refrigeration unit run less efficiently but will give you a much bigger power bill. A lot of businesses put up with broken doors because they don't seem like a major issue that requires attention, but they can cause premature breakdowns in your fridge because of how much harder they make it work.

Ice Kingdom

Ice can be helpful in some freezer situations, but there is a difference between a good amount of ice and ice that has begun to take over your entire freezer. If the ice is more than a couple of milimitres deep and clearly covers every surface, then it could be keeping your freezer a little bit too cool, and can also increase the inefficiency of your fridge. Removing all this ice is not easy, especially if you have a larger unit or have nowhere else to store your items in the meantime, so using a professional commercial refrigerator repair company is the best way to take care of this.

Loud Rattles And Clanking

Refrigerators are not always quiet, especially large commercial ones, but that does not mean they should sound like an experimental music concert. If you hear a lot of rattling, clanking, banging, or any other unusual noise, then you might want to move up your maintenance schedule and get it checked out sooner. Commercial refrigeration repair is the best way to get a real close look at the problem inside your cooling unit, to see what has come loose that is making all this noise and whether it can be secured so it doesn't happen again. 

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