• DIY Tips for Repairing A Broken Glass Window

    14 October 2015

    There are many different reasons why you might be left with a broken glass window in your home. It is possible that a confused bird flew into your window or a strong storm caused a tree branch to break your window pane. If you have a broken window on the first floor of your home, it may be possible that you can repair it on your own. There are a few DIY tips that make home glass window repair much simpler.

  • What you must know if you are planning to start your own construction business

    6 October 2015

    The hardest part of any business is the beginning. You must acquire everything you need in order to provide high-quality service to your clients. Also, you are going to need equipment that isn't very cheap. Here is what you need to have and know if you're planning on staring a construction business. You must have knowledge A construction business is complicated and very responsible. In order to avoid possible mistakes, you must have knowledge about the construction.

  • Special Functions to Consider in Split System Air Conditioners

    24 September 2015

    Modern air conditioners are diverse in terms of brands, mode of action and even efficiency. Therefore, the process of identifying and buying the right model for your home can be overwhelming. You should explore and compare different appliances before settling, to ensure that the most suitable is installed. One of the well-liked models in the residential environment is the split system air conditioner. The design consists of an indoor unit, the outdoor unit and tubing with refrigerant to facilitate cooling and heat exchange.

  • Is Your Home At Risk Of Asbestos?

    8 September 2015

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was commonly used in building materials. This is due to its resistance to both heat as well as corrosion. As such, incorporating them into products used in construction would increase the fire resistance of these items without incurring exorbitant costs to fireproof them. However, this was before it was established that asbestos could prove to be a serious health hazard. Once the mineral becomes friable, which means it becomes easily to break off, it dispenses fibres into the atmosphere that can be easily inhaled.

  • Dos and Don'ts During Asbestos Removal and Handling

    26 August 2015

    Due to the toxicity associated with ingestion or inhalation of asbestos fibres, one should observe caution when moving or handling it. Asbestos removal is a common activity during building renovations and demolition work. Such work predisposes the workers involved to the dangers of inhaling its dust and asbestos fibres entering cuts. Dos during asbestos removal and handling  Wear protecting equipment covering the nose, eyes, mouth, and limbs – Asbestos dust contains microfibers that could cause cancerous growth if ingested, inhaled or absorbed through cuts during accidents.