• How to Maintain Glass Shower Doors & Frames

    9 January 2015

    A rejuvenating and hot shower is one of the best treats you can give yourself after a long day. Glass shower doors are not only elegant but showering becomes a very exciting experience. However, the tranquillity that comes with this experience can be obscured by soap scum and grim build-up. Once this build-up accumulates the once beautiful pristine looks turns ugly.  Glass shower doors exude class, but they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained.

  • 5 upgrades to take into account during a re-roofing project

    8 January 2015

    Re-roofing is certainly an important home improvement, even though it's not a glamourous one. If you wish to install a new roof, consider the following 5 upgrades that will transform it into a more striking, functional and durable roof. Install a sealed chimney cap In contrast to metal and concrete chimney caps that are meant to prevent rain and birds from nesting in your chimney, sealed chimney caps serve to save on energy.

  • How Painting Your Roof White Can Help The Environment

    6 January 2015

    Painting your roof white might be one way you can help fight the 'urban heat island effect' according to a report by the National Centre for Atmospheric Research. What Is The Urban Heat Island Effect? Urban areas are generally several degrees warmer than nearby countryside. This is because dark man-made surfaces such as roofs and roads retain heat more efficiently than natural vegetation. Roofs and roads can comprise approximately 50% of a cityscape.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pet Door

    2 January 2015

    There are a number of emotional and psychological benefits associated with owning a pet or two. It is no wonder therefore, that the most popular household pets (dogs) are often referred to as man's best friend. The strong relationship between pets and their owners make it necessary for you to take your time and identify the best type of door for your pet. Some of the factors you should consider when shopping for pet doors are discussed herein.

  • 4 Times to Call an Electrician to Your Home

    26 December 2014

    You don't need an electrician to make repairs to the wiring in your home just when your power goes out. There are many other times when you may have problems with the wiring at home and need repairs or upgrades, even though you're still getting power. Understanding the signs of needed repairs or knowing why you need an electrician for certain jobs can ensure your home's electricity is always working properly and also reduce your risk of an electrical fire.