Ways to Enhance a Concrete Commercial Outdoor Area

Lawrence Kim

Do you have a cafe with an outdoor concrete area that lacks appeal? Or does your business have an area for employee breaks that is anything but relaxing? If so, you could install decorative concrete. You may even be able to improve the current concrete slab if it's sound. Here are some ideas.

Stained treatments

Grey concrete can look dull. One way to add interest is to give the paving colour. For example, contractors can apply stains to the concrete. These colours penetrate and react with the cement, creating marbling effects. Stained surfaces look different from painted concrete. If you paint concrete, it has an opaque layer of colour. In contrast, a stain is translucent and brings out the concrete's texture. This will give the area an attractive organic feel. The concrete can even mimic natural substances such as slate or travertine with different stain colours layered over the surface.

Saw Cut Concrete

Contractors can also give concrete a texture with scoring techniques. They use saws to cut patterns into the concrete, which can be square, diamond, or irregular shapes. You can add ornamental borders. For a stunning effect, combine a saw-cut treatment with staining methods. For an outdoor cafe, you could opt for sand-coloured stains for the centre parts and charcoal for the edging.

Rather than using the current concrete, contractors may be able to pour a thin cement overlay, thus providing more design options. After it cures, they can create the saw-cut design. Or they could press texture mats onto the unset cement to form patterns. An overlay still provides savings, as you'll be spared the expense of demolishing the old concrete.

Exposed Aggregate

Some kinds of decorative concrete, such as exposed aggregate, require an overlay. This cement is filled with decorative stones and pebbles. The commercial concrete contractors wash away the top cement before the slab sets completely, uncovering the aggregates. Because you can use granite, limestone, or other stones of your choice, this design is an excellent alternative to stone pavers, giving your premises a stunning look. You'll enjoy the stone's beauty as it stands out from the concrete.

Exposed aggregate surfaces are highly textured. As well as looking attractive, the texture makes the flooring less slippery and conceals dirt and oil stains. If the concrete is on a slight slope, the exposed aggregates will provide better traction and make the paving safer for both staff and customers.

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