What to Ask Before Choosing a Remote Construction Vibration Monitoring Service

Lawrence Kim

If you need to monitor vibrations on your construction site, then you don't have to do this job yourself. You can use a company that offers remote monitoring.

Here, you set up monitors on your site to measure vibrations. These monitors connect to the company's system so that they can keep an eye on your levels remotely from their offices.

While this is an easier solution than checking your own monitors, you do need to partner with a company that offers the right services for your project. Before you choose which company to use, ask the following questions.

Can They Make a Site Visit?

Vibration monitors only work if you use the right devices and put them in the right places. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution here. The work you're doing, your site and neighbouring structures all affect the monitoring process.

It's a good idea to use a company that will make a site visit before you start work. Once they understand your project and site, they can recommend which monitors to use. They can work out how many devices you need and where they should go. They can even fit them for you.

How Does Their Tracking Work?

While you don't necessarily need someone to sit in front of a computer and constantly watch the results that come in from your monitors, you do need a responsive service. First, ask companies if they have dedicated staff who monitor results. These people need to be within hearing distance of a system alert.

For example, many systems will sound an alert when a monitor measures vibrations over a pre-set level. The person monitoring the system then immediately knows to check out the monitor. However, this system only works if someone is close enough to hear the alert or see the system.

If you'll do some work outside regular working hours or at weekends, then you should also check that the company can monitor your levels at these times. A remote alert is of no use to you if nobody is there to act on it.

How Do They Alert You to Problems?

If you don't monitor your own vibration levels, then you have to rely on other people telling you when you have a problem. So, check how the company will notify you if you go over pre-set levels.

Some will call you; others offer text or email services. In some cases, companies use monitors that also flash a beacon when levels go too high. This gives you a useful visual backup on-site if you want more control.

To get started, contact construction project vibration monitoring companies and ask about their remote system services.