Reasons To Remove Asbestos In Your Home Or Commercial Building

Lawrence Kim

If you purchase or rent an old building, some of the materials used in its construction might harm you and the environment. One such material is asbestos, and an expert survey is the best way to ascertain whether the building has such a potential hazard. Later, you can hire a residential asbestos removalist. This piece discusses the dangers of asbestos as a building material.


Asbestos can separate into flexible fibres. These fibres are microscopic, and you may not notice them as you inhale them. Your body cannot break down asbestos fibres. Therefore, the fibres remain stuck in your abdomen or lungs. As years go by, you accumulate more fibres that may cause inflammation and irritation. This issue later develops into lung cancer and mesothelioma. 

The path of cancer development may differ for every person exposed to asbestos. However, you can seek early treatment and eliminate the malignant cells. Cancer is easy to detect early, and doctors use cancer biopsies, blood tests and imaging. Still, removing this material from your building is the ultimate solution to curbing cancer cases. 

Maintenance Issues

The rampant use of asbestos in old buildings did not present any maintenance issues until the world realised its danger. Today, very few people will agree to maintain your asbestos walls or roofing. The few that agree might charge you a high price for simple tasks due to the health risk involved. These difficulties warrant total removal instead of occasional problematic fixes.

Most countries ceased mining asbestos, and the industry declined rapidly over the years. Companies still use a few legal imports to process and sell raw and processed asbestos. However, tracing and purchasing such problems is still problematic and expensive. Therefore, the maintenance difficulties prompt most residential building owners to remove the material entirely. 

Low Occupancy

Given the spread of information regarding the dangers of asbestos, residential apartment owners may find it hard to get tenants willing to rent from them. In addition, you risk a mass tort whereby many people might sue you due to injuries caused by exposure to asbestos. Most class lawsuits are challenging to fight in court, and the settlement costs are high.

Your best option is to remove the material immediately. You can install building materials and have the asbestos removalist inspect the building once more. The prompt removal of asbestos helps draw in more tenants and limits your exposure to class action lawsuits. 

Hiring a residential asbestos removalist minimises risks such as cancer, maintenance problems and low occupancy. 

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